Transition Services

Transition services for students with disabilities are a coordinated set of services, supports, and programming in schools and in the community that are driven by student-centered planning, authentic family involvement, and student self-determined goals for life after high school in career, education & independent living. The transition process should start no later than age 15 and could span until the end of the last semester a student turns 21.  In order to ensure that all students with disabilities have access to Transition services directly related to their post-school outcomes, we will provide programming aligned to RISE Charter School graduation requirements to support essential skills attainment and The Continuum of Services for College and Career Readiness.

For information about transition services for RISE students please contact:

LuDean Henderson, KSD Federal Programs Director

208-423-4170 ext 3309


Brittany Maikranz, RISE Special Education Director

208-423-4170 ext 5081